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Mini Portable Multifunctional Solar-powered Hand Crank Radio

Mini Portable Multifunctional Solar-powered Hand Crank Radio

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Multifunctional Hand Crank Radio with Solar Panels, Flashlight, and Power Bank Function.


Robust hand crank radio that can be charged via the built-in crank, solar panel, or micro USB port. It can charge mobile phones. In addition to receiving FM and AM radio broadcasts to ensure you can receive important messages from our authorities or other societal actors, it has a flashlight (LED) on one side to ensure that you always have access to light even in darkness.

The hand-cranked radio can also charge the mobile phone in an emergency. There is a standard USB port on the radio where you connect your normal charging cable to the mobile phone. In case of danger, you can send out a loud alarm signal with the dynamo radio's SOS button, hold down the button and a siren will sound. Having a hand crank radio in your emergency kit is strongly recommended. In a crisis, it is important to be able to receive information from responsible authorities via Sweden's Radio P4, and then an emergency radio will come in handy. Since it can be charged in several different ways, you can always rely on it being usable.


Getting Started The first time you use your hand crank radio, you need to crank for 3 to 5 minutes to activate the battery. To get maximum use of the solar panels, they need to be in direct sunlight for a longer period.



Material: ABS


Rated Voltage: 3.6V

Rated Power: 0.5W

Color: Red

Size: 147*62*76mm

Weight: 280g


1 * Mini Portable Multifunctional Solar-powered Hand Crank Radio


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Mini Portable Multifunctional Solar-powered Hand Crank Radio